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Also, did you receive permission from the Tetris Holding company to use the name Tetris?

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Played the first level twice. On the far right of the map (where it is supposed to end), my character fell far below. Then I took the time to move all the way to the left and wasted 5 minutes before I realized it must be a bug because there was no where to go! Then it happened again.

CleitonEldorn responds:

Yeah, it seems to be a bug that some people are experiencing. Can you give more details on your OS and browser, please? I am not at home now, but as soon as I get home form work I will fix this.

Not done

I have been sitting as far left as possible, slightly off the screen, since the first phase and im still alive at phase 30. This is a decent prototype but far from finished!

Sosker responds:

I think you forgot to play it

I love this game!

I love this game, I have played it for a few hours at a time, sporadically since you released it 2 days ago. But because I like the game THAT much and have invested this much time into, I have some critiques of this great game...

The start of the game is slow going. I mean that in the sense of upgrades and rewards. I got gems so sparingly in the first world and the first set of weapons didnt look like much of an upgrade, so I didnt upgrade my weapon at all in the first world. And parts other than weapons are nothing more than statistical improvements, they dont change the gameplay at all.

My second complaint is the lack of variety in weapons and upgrades. Weapons are the only things that change gameplay and add a small layer of strategy to the game. Your choice of increased attack or defense is a little more, but not enough. How about more specialized weapons? The pulse cannon is very interesting. This leaves a lot more room for improvement though. Add more to the strategy aspect. How about upgrades that do more than just stats? How about upgrades that increase one stat but sacrifice another? How about giving up that +8% increased attack for 1% life steal (notice I didnt say HP regen since that could be abused by leaving 1 mob on the screen). How about a slot that could be used as a shield or a weapon or boosters, or something of my choosing rather than being set on one thing?

My third complaint, which I expected... A lot of the weapons are useless compared to certain weapons, when used in the "right" way, are a complete gimmick. After I got pulse cannons and homing missles, I never used anything else. I either had 4 pulses on or 4 homing missles, depending on the type of level. This is very gimmicky and I feel forced into doing this because the other weapons suck and the difficulty of the 3rd and 4th worlds jumped so much.

Finally... how about something DIFFERENT. This is very vague. Yes. More than just holding down a key, moving around, and memorizing patterns. I see two very good options for this: Talent Tree and Skills. You could make these very detailed or not at all. You could have 2 or 3 skills (such as bombs, temporary shield, and a shock wave) and you could have a basic stats-only talent tree. Or you could go much more detailed than that, but I think the simple choices would be enough for this game and would add a needed freshness to the game.

In conclusion, the game is GREAT. But after playing it 8+ hours, I have some things that could make it even better. This is a very impresive game though, I cant wait to see a sequel and more games from you! In my opinion as a game developer, the best compliment someone can give is a detailed

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